Jenny Yuan

Jenny Yuan

Financial Advisor

Jenny's Bio

Jenny joined Watts Gwilliam & Company in 2021. As a Financial Advisor, Jenny provides customized wealth strategies and integrated advice and guidance to individuals, families, and business owners by helping them address their priorities and pursue their goals more efficiently. 

Prior to joining Watts Gwilliam & Company, Jenny worked as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, wherein she was ranked as a top-100 Financial Advisor in the US relative to her Merrill Lynch peers.  Jenny’s 10 years of financial and banking experience has enabled her to help make countless clients’ dreams come true, and that is one of the most rewarding parts of Jenny’s life. 

Jenny emigrated alone from China in 2005 and received her bachelor’s degree from Barton College in North Carolina. Being alone in a new country, she quickly realized that she needed to feel safe and independent. For her, that meant hard work and having goals in her life and plans to achieve those goals. These experiences have become the foundation of her passion for wealth management. 

Jenny and her husband Ryan moved from North Carolina to Arizona in 2011. They have been blessed with two wonderful children. Her children’s loving, trusting eyes have bought more meaning to her life and have also helped Jenny to understand her clients’ financial lives not only as a professional but also as a woman, wife, and mother. 

Jenny loves going to the gym despite only being able to lift the 10-pound bar. She also loves to play golf but doesn’t win very often.  She enjoys traveling, paddle boarding, and spending quality time with her family and friends. She also likes cooking and trying new recipes, although her husband has to pretend sometimes to love the results.  Jenny loves waking up every morning with a goal in her heart, a plan in her mind, and a passion for life in her eyes.