Our Fees

Committed to transparency

Keeping your costs, including our fees, under control is imperative when it comes to your money. That’s why we’re committed to transparency. When you become a client, we’ll always tell you in writing what our services will cost before work begins.  That way, you’ll always know exactly what you’ll be paying.

Fees, Not Commissions

As a fee-only advisor, we are compensated for our work by fees, not by commissions. Since we are only paid by you, the client, our loyalty is only to you. That way, you get objective financial advice without the conflicts of interest so common on Wall Street.

Keeping Fees Affordable

Additionally, we do everything we can to keep our fees as low as possible. That means more casual offices, so we have less expensive overhead.

One Simple, All-Inclusive Fee

Additionally, our fees are simple: you’ll be charged one asset-based fee that covers everything we do. That includes all financial planning, retirement planning, college planning, estate planning, and any general help with your finances (like refinancing your mortgage, car purchases, etc.).

Unlimited Support

When you work with us, you can call or email us for help whenever we can be of assistance. It’s all included, so you don’t have to worry about hourly fees or unexpected bills.

Call or email us for help whenever we can be of assistance.

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