Personalized Investment Management

Best served with a personalized approach

“We strive to help you win more by losing less.  During volatile times, this can usually help you feel more confident and less stressed.

-Brad Gwilliam, Co-Founder

Institutional investors demand that their money is managed with discipline and accountability.  Strangely, most individuals don’t demand as much from their financial advisors.  But you should!

Many wealth managers to individuals just use a general approach that means investing your money into a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and cash.  But when markets get volatile, that may not be enough.

Instead, we believe that you are best served with a personalized approach including institutional-style risk management.

Win More by Losing Less

During bull markets, many investors (and sometimes their financial advisors, too) focus more on returns than risk.  That approach can backfire when the market gets volatile.

As professional money managers, we don’t want you to go backward….we strive for your portfolio to make steady, consistent progress.   That’s why we don’t simply attempt to match the market (since that means you’ll match market drops, too).  Instead, we work with you to calculate a “personal benchmark”.  Usually, that’s less than what others are striving to earn, meaning we can aim to keep your returns more even and consistent.  We’re here to help you achieve your goals, not reach for higher returns that may require you to take too much risk. 

Using Institutional Products and Strategies

We also help you take advantage of institutional strategies to generate better risk-adjusted returns.  That means that along with stocks, bonds, and cash, you’ll probably hold some alternative investments.  What’s key about those alternatives is that they tend to move differently than your stocks and bonds.  That can help even out your returns and lower the stress of investing. 

Management of Concentrated Stock Positions

Our team has significant experience helping investors with large, concentrated positions in their company stock (including Intel Corporation employees and others).  We’ve helped many people in that situation manage the position more efficiently.  Our strategies include the systematic sale of call options to generate ongoing income.

Using this strategy, we can help you generate conservative income from the position while also balancing and protecting it.

Learn more about our unique OPTIC Program. 

We believe that you are best served with a personalized approach including institutional-style risk management.

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