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Watts Gwilliam manages our covered call option strategies through our wholly-owned Optic Asset Management division.

For more information on how our strategies may be a fit for you, including important disclosures, please visit our Optic Asset Management website below, or contact a Watts Gwilliam advisor today.

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“Covered call writing can help you generate income on your existing stock holdings….but options can be complex and intimidating. We’re proud that our Optic strategies make it easy for clients to unlock their portfolio’s potential through actively managed option overlay strategies.”

Brad Gwilliam,  Co-Founder


Options trading involves risks and past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Before executing option trades, investors will receive from the custodian a copy of “Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options,” also known as the Options Disclosure Document, which can be found at Clients must be approved for options trading by the custodian before Watts Gwilliam & Company, LLC can implement any Optic strategy. Investors using covered call strategies should be aware of tax implications as profits/losses are treated as capital gains. Tax treatment varies based on factors like holding periods, dividends, and assignment. Seek professional tax advice for personalized guidance on navigating tax complexities and ensuring compliance with current IRS regulations.

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