Why We’re Different

Clients have access to the same sophisticated strategies that institutional investors use

When markets get volatile, basic investment strategies may not be enough to help you weather the storm.  During times like these, you need better strategies…..strategies that help you protect wealth as well as build it.

At Watts Gwilliam & Company, our clients have access to the same sophisticated strategies that institutional investors use to manage volatility and grow wealth.  These investment strategies work in tandem with our holistic financial planning, helping you stay on track to reaching your goals.   As your fiduciary, it is our goal to deliver these professional services in a friendly, approachable way, far from the sales-driven approach used by many Wall Street firms.

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Win More by Losing Less

Many advisors focus their attention solely on generating returns for their clients.  Returns are important, of course, but equally important is risk management.

That’s why at Watts-Gwilliam, we prioritize risk management.  Our focus is to help you stay on track to your goals while minimizing the ups-and-downs inherent in investing.  We seek sustainable gains, which can help you make consistent progress toward your goals.  Sometimes slow and steady wins the race.  In addition, you’ll find that you can sleep better at night.

Access Institutional Strategies 

As your wealth grows, protecting what you’ve built should be a priority.  At Watts Gwilliam & Company, we bring institutional strategies to help you further diversify your assets.

In addition to stocks, bonds, and cash, you’ll have access to private equity, structured products, and other alternative assets that can help you better withstand market volatility.

Don’t worry if these investments are new to you.  We’ll work closely with you to help you understand how these investments work and why they make sense as a part of your portfolio.

That’s all part of why we’re different.  We believe educated clients are the best clients.

Making Your Investments Work Harder

The concept of renting a home is familiar to all.  Why have a house sitting vacant if it can be rented and earning some additional income for the owner?  Did you know you can do this with stocks, too?

If you own a concentrated stock position (maybe employer stock), or some large holdings, we’ll help you turn that asset into an income generator.  We do that through the implementation of a professionally managed covered call program.  Learn more about our unique OPTIC program.

Truly Personalized Services

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all when it comes to financial advice.  In fact, we believe that’s downright dangerous.  We’ve seen that many times in our careers.  Markets drop and investors realize their broker had them in a far riskier portfolio than they realized.

At Watts Gwilliam, we take a much more serious approach to managing your risk:

  • We work with you to determine your true capacity to tolerate risk
  • We’ll help you build a portfolio that is more effectively diversified
  • We’ll include alternative investments that move independently to stocks and bonds
  • We’ll rebalance your holdings in a systematic fashion to help keep your risk at appropriate levels 

More Like Family than Advisors

When you work with us, you’ll find we are far different from most advisory firms out there.  You will feel like you’ve got family in the business.  That’s really important to us.  Our clients are part of the Watts Gwilliam family.

As a completely independent firm, we’re invested in your best results.  We’re a fiduciary financial advisor that gets paid by fees, not commissions. You can be sure you’re getting real advice and not a transaction-based sales pitch.

We’re here for the long run.  Our client relationships last a long time and we invest in helping you and your next generation achieve financial success.

We pride ourselves in our family environment.  Instead of a fancy office and advisors in expensive suits, we’re proud to offer a cozy, personal office. We find that it is a much more conducive environment for honest conversations and real progress as we help our clients walk the path of financial freedom.

At Watts Gwilliam, we take a much more serious approach to managing your risk.

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