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Institutional-style wealth management with a small firm touch

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. But hard work doesn’t always guarantee financial success. Especially during times of market uncertainty, it’s easy to get knocked off course.

That’s where financial advice can help. But there’s a caveat:  it has to be the right financial help.

Many advisors will just put your money into a handful of mutual funds and let it ride with the market.  But as we’ve seen, at times that can be a very bumpy ride filled with anxiety.

Fortunately, there’s a better way.  There are investment strategies that can help reduce volatility so you can build wealth more consistently.  Most of these are usually reserved for institutions and the very wealthy:

  • Alternative investments to help you lower the volatility of your portfolio
  • Strategies to help generate income safely in a low-interest-rate environment
  • Hedging strategies that can help you withstand difficult markets
  • Strategies to achieve better after-tax returns

You can get access to these strategies at the big Wall Street wealth management firms. But along with that, you likely encounter the Wall Street business model, which is sales-driven and notorious for its conflicts of interest. As a result, you may never know if you’re getting true advice or a sales pitch.

Sophisticated Advice You Can Trust

We founded Watts Gwilliam & Company to provide you with a better option:

  • We give you access to the same institutional strategies you’d find at big firms.
  • Instead of getting paid on commissions, we get paid by fees.
  • We strive to keep your costs and expenses low, so you can keep more of your money working for you.
  • We act as your legal fiduciary, putting your interests first.

We do this all in an informal, casual environment, free of the expensive offices and intimidating suits. Instead of focusing on sales, we focus on helping you achieve your goals and really understand how your money is invested.

The experience and knowledge to help you succeed

In uncertain markets, you need more than simple, one-size-fits-all advice. Instead, you want help from those who have experience navigating all types of markets and economic conditions.

At Watts Gwilliam, our team came from traditional Wall Street firms, where we learned how to use institutional strategies to help generate better risk-adjusted returns.

We now use that same knowledge to help you better manage risk and achieve your goals.

Our specialties include:

  • Wealth management and investment strategies for high-income earners, business owners, and athletes
  • Wealth management for high net worth individuals and families
  • Management of concentrated stock positions
  • Strategies to maximize employee stock options and other benefits
  • Using alternative investments to reduce volatility
  • Using conservative option strategies to help you generate income and manage concentrated stock positions
  • Financial planning and concentrated stock position management for Intel employees

“We’re often told that working with us feels more like having family in the business, which we love to hear.”

-Dave Watts, Co-Founder

Are we right for you?

OthersWatts Gwilliam
Investment management?YesYes
Comprehensive financial planning?MaybeYes
Access to institutional strategies?Not likelyYes
Unique income generation programs?Not likelyYes
Specialists in concentrated stock positions?Not likelyYes
Help minimize your taxes and fees?MaybeYes
Act as your legal fiduciary?MaybeYes

You need more than simple, one-size-fits-all advice. Instead, you want help from those who have experience navigating all types of markets and economic conditions.

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