Institutional-Style Services

Access to sophisticated strategies

At Watts Gwilliam & Company, we have observed that Wall Street often puts profits in front of people.  Instead, we’re committed to bringing you innovative wealth management strategies that put money in your pockets, not in Wall Street’s coffers.

That means bringing you access to sophisticated strategies that are normally reserved for corporations and the very wealthy.  

Alternative investments and structured products

Alternative investments are different and varied, but share one quality: they tend to move independently to stocks and bonds.

So during times of market weakness, these often cushion your portfolio and protect your wealth.  Over time, our goal is to help smooth out your returns.

Types of products we’ll use to help you diversify:

  • Private equity
  • Private real estate
  • Alternative lending
  • Commodities and futures
  • Options and derivatives

Smart Strategies for Holding or Selling Stocks

Many investors own stocks in order to collect the dividend.  Often these dividends are used to cover personal financial expenses.  In addition to dividends, we can bring additional income to stockholders through option selling.  Known on Wall Street as “covered call selling”, this strategy is a very conservative option trading strategy.  We can bring this unique strategy to you with our OPTIC (Options for Income Creation) program.

Basically, the concept is similar to renting out a house that you own.  It delivers income as you hold the asset for growth.

If you’ve got a large stock position, you can use that asset to generate income.  We manage it according to our proprietary model, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our OPTIC program is also a way to add discipline to selling your larger stock positions.  Instead of just selling it all at once or in tranches, you can create a strategy where you automatically sell at higher prices and generate additional income while waiting for these prices to be reached.

Learn more about our unique OPTIC program.

We bring you access to sophisticated strategies that are normally reserved for corporations and the very wealthy.

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