It's time to change your definition of what a financial advisor should be.

You need a wealth manager that works hard for you, not for Wall Street. Learn how our unique approach puts your interests first and brings you innovative strategies to generate income and grow your wealth.

You need an advisor who works as hard as you do

While many financial advisors rely on basic tools and strategies, we believe you deserve more:
  • Personalized investment management and financial planning highly customized to your individual needs and goals
  • Innovative income generation techniques to get your money working harder for you
  • Specialized strategies for managing concentrated stock positions
  • Access to alternative investments and sophisticated strategies that can smooth out your returns
And, we provide true fiduciary advice, so you can be sure you’re getting real advice at all times (not a sales pitch).

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Four Tips To Help You Weather Any Financial Storm

What can Watts Gwilliam do for you?


Access to More Strategies

We believe there’s a whole lot more to creating a secure financial future than simply putting your money into a handful of mutual funds. Instead, we provide you access to sophisticated, non-retail products and innovative methods (such as the use of covered call options to generate income) to help you achieve your goals.

Customized, Not Cookie Cutter

We believe many strategies fail because you’re treated as an average, not an individual. Instead, we work closely with you to build a portfolio that meets your needs, not anyone else’s. This includes integrating more sophisticated strategies and alternative investments that move counter to stocks, to help truly diversify your holdings.

An "Anti-Broker" Experience

Our team left Wall Street because we wanted to put our clients before brokerage firm profits. We judge our effectiveness on your results, not ours. We sit on the same side of the table as you do; there’s no commissions or sales, just real advice.

We Value Personal Over Formal

We don’t believe navy suits and a formal atmosphere matter as much as honest conversations with you. Instead, we’re here to give your wealth serious attention, so you can feel confident about your future. So, working with us may feel different. Along with not seeing us in blue suits, you’ll get the feeling you’ve got family in the business. That’s important to us.