Our Story

Passionate about helping families succeed

Back in the 1990s, our founders were brokers at one of the big Wall Street firms. While they all loved the challenge of their jobs, they did not like the constant pressure to sell the company’s investment products. In fact, there was more pressure to meet “quotas” than to help clients solve financial challenges and achieve their goals.

Instead, they imagined coming together to start a firm that was completely independent of all these conflicts of interest, with no pressure to sell anything. They believed by creating an environment where they could put clients before profits, both the clients and the firm would prosper together.

In 2004, they made that happen when they founded Watts Gwilliam & Company.

Fast-forward to today: the firm has grown steadily. The founders have expanded their team to include other like-minded professionals, passionate about helping families succeed. The team, or “family” as they like to refer to themselves, prides itself on offering personalized planning and sophisticated investment strategies usually reserved for institutional investors.

Best of all, the team enjoys providing services in a family atmosphere. Between all of the team, there are 16 children, who can frequently be spotted in the office (and if not, are definitely represented on the walls and company Christmas cards).

“We set out to create a truly win/win wealth management firm. Now, I can confidently say we have succeeded.”

-Brad Gwilliam, Co-Founder

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